Project One – Baylis v4c-560

A ventilator Really made in Canada by Canadians.

Project Leader: Rick Jamieson, FTI Professional Grade

Prime Minister announces production of more medical supplies and equipment in Canada.

Key Features

  • Modes of Operation:
    • CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)
    • PSV (pressure support ventilation)
    • P A/C (pressure assisted / controlled ventilation)
    • V A/C (volume assisted / controlled ventilation)
    • V SIMV (Volume-Synchronized intermittent Mandatory ventilation)
    • P SIMV (Pressure-Synchronized intermittent Mandatory ventilation)
  • The internal lithium battery provides up to 11 hours of ventilator operation (depending on settings and other factors)
  • A real-time battery life indicator shows how much battery time is left, in hours and minutes, based on settings.
  • Compact, lightweight (5.5 kg) and quiet (<40 dBA at 1m). It transitions easily from hospital to home use.
  • Data portability is enabled via a USB memory device. The USB memory device makes it easy to transfer patient data from a home ventilator to a clinician’s computer.
  • Ventilator parameters and alarm settings are linked to reduce risk of clinically inappropriate settings.
  • Oxygen enrichment is available using a low pressure oxygen source. Utilize a measurement kit to monitor FiO₂ levels.