V4C Leadership BIOS

Rick Jamieson, is the CEO of ABS Friction and IDEAL Brake Parts a company he co-founded. Rick is a powerful and passionate force for Canadian Made manufacturing. Rick is President of FTI Professional Grade Inc and is the prime contractor to build 10,000 Baylis v4c 560 ventilators. Learn more about Rick and his company.

Paul L’Heureux from Crystal Fountains. Crystal manufactures mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronics for hazardous submersible environments. Paul L’Heureux and his team built the Ambulatory Bag Compressor in record time. Should the pandemic have gotten out of control Paul and his team were prepared to build thousands of this field hospital solution in March and early April. Learn more about Paul and his company.

Scott Shawyer, President & CEO of JMP Solutions. Scott heads up an engineering firm with 250 employees and 15 locations in North America. Scott and his team at JMP were working with the MVM Collaboration early on and helped Nobel Laureate Art McDonald covert their design from paper to a reality as a design for manufacturing. Learn more about Scott and his company.


Our team has a distinct bias to YPO Gold (Young Presidents Organization). Team members, Rick, Scott, Jaret and the Mikes are all friends from the Great Lakes Chapter of YPO. The YPO motto is LEADERS LEADING LEADERS and we have adopted this for this project as we have so many competent CEO’s running portions of our team.

Rick and Paul have been in TAG, a CEO manufacturing forum for 15 years.

The team’s goal is to do whatever it takes to produce a ventilator so doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals know something is coming beyond the current inventory of Ventilators.

The following leaders who have a proven track record of making a difference are helping us, and the list is growing: