Our Hypothesis

The world’s most sought after commodity is not gold or quarantine marijuana, its Pulmonary Ventilators.

Demand for these life savers is outstripping supply by a factor of about 100, and any country that doesn’t make them is in trouble.

Italy, for example, has banned the export of ventilators from the country’s lone factory.

Canada makes none, if you can imagine that. Almost all are made in China, the United States and a few European countries.

The Globe and Mail

Our Goals – March 19, 2020

  1. Partner with a Canadian Medical Device company to manufacture
    an existing design of a professional grade ventilator for Canadians.
    A ventilator REALLY made in Canada, by Canadians.
  2. Collaborate with others on a new ventilator design and build it.
  3. Buy Ventilators from global sources.
  4. Solve the ventilator shortage with a temporary solution.

Project Status – March 31, 2020

1. Project One Success

Project Leader: Rick Jamieson, ABS Friction

We have a code name so we can all refer to the project by the same name; this is something we do as it maintains confidentiality. We named this Project One because we are bringing a number of parties together as a team to achieve a specific goal for the benefit of our country – one team, one goal, one country. This sets the stage for a very positive team culture – no ego, teamwork, one for all, all for one, etc.

Mid-May deployment.

Our Goal is to deliver enough ventilators, along with other groups to meet the needs of the Canadian Healthcare system throughout the COVID19 crisis.


2. Project Vita Success

Project Leader: Scott Shawyer, JMP Solutions

        Vita is Latin for “life”.


3. Ventilator Procurement Deemed unnecessary

Project Leader: Rick Jamieson, ABS Friction

Our work is not done until this pandemic is over. We will continue to look for partners who can secure additional ventilators for Canadians.

We need the ventilator consumables on order, NOW!


4. Temporary Solution Deemed unnecessary
Ambulatory Bag Compressor

Project Leaders: Paul L’Heureux and Vince Francis, Crystal Fountains.

We can no longer delay.

The quick development and deployment of an emergency field hospital style unit that can fill the short term needs of Canadian hospitals through the incline of the infection curve. Mid-April deployment.




Our Ambulatory Bag Compressor (ABC) is a Field Hospital design that we call our “V4C EMERGENCY HOSPITAL MASH UNIT”. It is a portable, mechanical solution. It is a simple mechanical device to inflate and deflate a ventilator bag.

The design we have built is based on the concept found in an article from the 2010 Journal of the Association of Anesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland. It is an automated “bag squeezer” device that leverages the standard medical/instrument air lines and oxygen lines found in a hospital environment to pneumatically control the automated squeezing of a standard BVM (BVM resuscitation bag /ambulatory bag).

Our V4C MASH UNIT can play a BIG role in savings lives because we can get it into the market sooner than ANY other, more preferable option.

The simplicity of the design, availability of parts and ease of set up and use drove this to be the first units we will produce.

The key is speed!

We will be able to manufacture and assemble quickly, efficiently, and at a high volume.

We are producing 5,000 V4C Mash Units in the month of April.

Our goal is to save lives while we design, manufacture, and deliver our PROFESSIONAL GRADE VENTILATORs (Project ONE and Project Vita V4C).