What is a Ventilator

Ventilators take the strain off of a patient’s lungs, supply oxygen and simulate the actions of breathing, making them critical devices for the management of severe respiratory illness, such as COVID-19.

Who is V4C

Ventilators for Canadians (V4C) is a consortium of entrepreneurs,
philanthropists, industrial, technology and engineering businesses who have come together to identify and pursue solutions to help Canadians through the challenging COVID-19 healthcare emergency. Rick Jamieson coined the term “Ventilators for Canadians” and launched this website in March 2020.

The co-founders of the consortium are: 

Rick Jamieson, President and CEO of FTI Professional Grade and ABS Friction
Paul L’Heureux, CEO of Crystal Fountains
Scott Shawyer, President & CEO of JMP Solutions.  

Companies in the consortium have received formal orders for 20,000 ventilators from the Government of Canada either as:

  1. the prime contractor in the case of FTI Professional Grade Inc. Baylis v4c 560
  2. the major subcontractor in the case of JMP Solutions Inc.

V4C is committed to playing its role to help accelerate the production and delivery of Ventilators to the Government of Canada until contract completion. The companies involved have taken many of their people from key company projects to do this.

Our Projects

Project One – Baylis v4c-560

  • Designed 
  • Health Canada Approved
  • Delivered – 10,000 as of December 30th

Project Vita – Mechanical Ventilator Milano

  • Designed 
  • Health Canada Approved
  • Delivered

Contact Us – Collaboration

If you are working on making ventilators, we would like to hear from you.


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